How to prolong the service life of acrylic bathtub

Release Time: 2021-09-03


  In order to have a good use of the bathtub, regular cleaning is indispensable. However, due to the special material used, it is important to pay attention to some details when cleaning. For example: do not wipe the bathtub with detergent, because it will corrode its surface and reduce the brightness. At the same time, it is also forbidden to use hard objects or objects with grinding effect to wipe the surface.

  In addition, the bathtub can only be used after 24 hours after installation, otherwise it will lead to water leakage. Of course, it is also prohibited to connect the power supply and other things in the bathtub. First, it is easy to cause scars or deformation of the product, and second, it is easy to have safety accidents. At the same time, avoid contact with strong organic solvents such as paint, so as not to cause product softening, dissolution and cracking.

  It is worth mentioning that acrylic bathtub can not be directly poured into boiling water. You should know that 100 degree boiling water will cause serious softening of the product. Therefore, users must pay attention to this use detail. Generally speaking, the water in the bathtub should be cooled before heating the water.

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