Preparation and work before installation of massage acrylic bathtub

Release Time: 2021-09-03

  1. Check

  Put the bathtub in a relatively spacious place and check whether its surface is intact. All kinds of spare parts should be available, and all spray holes should be bright and fastened. The quality of the motor is closely related to the use effect of the outdoor Jacuzzi, so we should pay special attention to its installation, pipe arrangement and quality.


  2. Pay attention to waterproof

  Before reaching the designated position, the parts easy to leak shall be waterproof with silica gel. Connect the parts that can be connected first to avoid inconvenient installation after being placed in the specified position. The waterproof between parts must be done well, especially the connection between the water outlet and the motor water pipe is very key.

  3. Fixed position

  Place the outdoor Jacuzzi in the designated position. If it is in the bathroom with small space, avoid excessive inclination or collision of the cylinder body. Put the drain pipe into the pipe and ensure smooth drainage. After the cylinder is placed, the anchor screws shall be continuously adjusted to make all screws land safely to ensure the overall level.

  4. Secure connection

  After the plug is connected, waterproof shall be made around the power board to avoid leakage accidents. If there is no abnormality after inspection, the cold and hot water pipes can be connected in place. Before connecting the water pipe, conduct the power on test of the motor to listen to whether the sound meets the requirements. If not, rework immediately.

  5. Detection function

  After the connection, put the outdoor Jacuzzi completely and debug the level again. Turn on the water and electricity, check all functions, and solve the problems in time. The surfing effect of the bathtub should be mainly inspected. The flushing strength, motor sound and whether there are foreign matters are the main contents of the inspection.

  6. Protection of finished products

  Drain the water in the cylinder body and wipe the remaining water droplets at the bottom of the cylinder and at the spray hole to prevent the rust at the spray hole of the bathtub from being used for a long time. When installing the bathtub, some families have not completed other decoration. At this time, the installer should protect the bathtub with film to prevent damage.

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