Acrylic bathtub cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Release Time: 2021-09-03

  1. Clean the acrylic bathtub every week. When cleaning the acrylic bathtub, use sponge or flannelette. Do not use coarse cloth, cleaning cloth or any cleaning agent containing granular objects. It is best to avoid direct sunlight and contact with high-temperature cigarette butts. Warm cleaning agents (such as dishwasher detergent) can be used, and abrasive cleaning agents are not allowed. Acrylic bathtubs can also be cleaned with glass water. Cast iron bathtub should be fully washed with clean water and dried with a soft cloth after each use. If you encounter stubborn stains, you can use a little abrasive cleaning agent for cleaning. Clean the bottom skid surface with a soft nylon brush. Do not wash with steel ball, steel brush or grinding sponge.

  2. Repair the scars in real time. Do not move the bathtub after installation. If you need to move the position, you must contact professionals. Do not knock or impact the profile with hard objects, resulting in bruises or scratches. If you need to repair the dull or scratched part of acrylic bathtub, you can wipe it with a cleaning cloth mixed with colorless active polishing solution, and then apply a layer of colorless guard wax. Do not wax the landing area to prevent slipping. You can use the burned soft bristle toothbrush dipped in bleach to wash the profile, which can not only remove stains, but also eliminate mold. When you encounter a stain that is difficult to wipe, you can also wipe it with half a lemon dipped in salt, or wipe it with a soft toothbrush coated with toothpaste with whitening function. Turpentine is also very easy to use at this time. For scale, the products used to clean the toilet are very easy to use. If you don't like the pungent taste, you can also use lemon and white vinegar as a natural way. Do not use detergents with fading function, especially when the bathtub at home is colored. For molds and bacteria that stimulate fungal diseases, wash them with bleach water and peroxide water and wipe them dry immediately.

  3. Deal with the pipeline infarction at any time and disinfect it on time. The pipeline should be cleaned once or twice a week to avoid the smell of root cutting and the growth of bacteria. You can use the products specially used to clean the sewer, pour them into the sewer and wash them after 5 minutes. Pay attention not to use them in metal pipes. If the bathtub is blocked, close the water valve first, and then put appropriate tap water in the bathtub; Place the rubber suction device (for dredging the toilet) on the water removal valve; While opening the water valve, block the overflow hole of the basin or bathtub; Then quickly attract up and down, suck out the dirt or hair, and clean up the loss in real time. In the environment with severe infarction, it can be repeated several times until dredging is clean. The bathtub doesn't seem to be necessary in the bathroom, but everyone has the dream of taking a bath.


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