How long can the acrylic bathtub last

Release Time: 2021-09-03

  1. What is an acrylic bathtub

  Acrylic actually refers to a material of bathtub. Because of its fixed characteristics, it is loved by many families, and its price is also very affordable. Generally speaking, such materials have slow heat transfer and good thermal insulation performance. Therefore, in winter, hot water warms slowly in a bathtub made of this material. It's a more comfortable choice.


  2. How long can an acrylic bathtub last

  Generally speaking, the service life of an ordinary acrylic bathtub is about 10 years, but the specific service time depends on how to use and maintain it in the family. After all, acrylic materials have good plasticity and high hardness. And it also has a function of self recovery, and its surface is relatively smooth and easy to clean. Choosing such a bathtub is a cost-effective choice for families.

  3. Maintenance method of acrylic bathtub

  Although the service life of acrylic bathtub is about 10 years in general, you can prolong its service life as long as we maintain it properly. Therefore, when cleaning the acrylic bathtub, we try not to clean with strong acid or strong alkaline substances. In the process, you should also try to use a soft cloth for scrubbing. Try not to wipe with rough or granular objects, because if you wipe with such things, it is easy to scratch its surface, so the service life will be shortened.

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